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The Theory Platonic And Archimedian Solids Face Variations
Projection Variations Truncations Variations Why Choose Geodesic?

The Advantages of Using a Geodesic Design

1. Geodesics offer the strongest form of architecture known (because geodesic forms follow a doubly curved surface and because the base is always a polyhedron which already begins to approximate a sphere. The example of the strength of the shell of an egg confirms the strength of a spherically based structure).

2. A geodesic form creates the largest volume of space covered by the least amount of material (the most efficient use of material to cover a given volume of space).

3. The largest unobstructed spans can be created using geodesic geometry.

4. Geodesic structures provide the most efficient form for the purposes of heating.

5. Spheres are aesthetically highly pleasing.

6. Spheres generate and embody potent energy fields.