The Starquee

  • 10 metre diameter
  • 3.6m high
  • 2m high at centre of door/wall
  • 5 detachable walls
  • 5 removable storm anchors
  • Polyurethane coated nylon , uv resistant, flame resistant cover
  • Cast aluminium anchors and hubs
  • Glass fibre rods
  • No internal supports
Inspiration, geometry and production management by Geodesics Unlimited. Cover by Barkers Marquees. Fibreglass Rods by Fibreforce Ltd. Aluminium castings by Aluminium Products Ltd. Other support from Canard Design, DTI 3Is fund, Skybums, Moonburst Structures, Trevor Spurgeon and Bruce Aitken.

Hub Design

Without Walls

Anchor Pattern

5m Proto-type

5m Proto-type

Another View

Frame in Plan

Instruction Manual