About Geodesics Unlimited

Geodesics Unlimited was founded in 1999 by Amila Y´Mech.

It originated in a vision that followed Amila´s picking up a copy of Dome Book 2 in a San Fransisco bookstore in 1972.

In 1984 Amila came up with the Lampshade design shown in the Gallery. At the time he saw that it would require more commitment than he felt able to give.

In 1996, Amila was settled enough in family life to begin taking geodesics “seriously”. He began by studying 2D and 3D computer aided design at Trowbridge and Chippenham Technical Colleges and he learned some computer programming at Bath College.

In 1998, Alastair King at Bath University taught Amila how to generate the platonic and archimedian solids (see What are geodesic domes?), using vector algebra.

That same year, Amila discovered Professor Hoshyar Nooshin, who led the Space Structures Research Centre at Surrey University, and who invited him to undertake post-graduate research with him there. It was there, with the Formian software devised by Professor Nooshin and his associates at the SSRC that Amila developed the skills he uses to generate the mathematics needed for his designs. Amila is currently writing a book with the support of Professor Nooshin. This book is called “Geodesic Domes: Their Geometry and How to Use It”. As each chapter is completed it will be posted to this web-site.

Amila lives in a rural child-centred Community in Derbyshire. He also owns a fazenda in central Brazil, where he stays when he takes his daughter Leila for healing to Joao de Deus, a remarkable spiritual healer they have been visiting since 1998. Amila is creating there a centre where people will live in community together, and where others will come to learn how to live in peace, internally, with others, and eventually internationally.

Amila is an accomplished musician, having written and produced the CD “Full Moon”. Additionally he is training to become a Humaniversity Therapist, with which authority he intends to begin his work for peace in Brazil. He has also been a Tai Chi practitioner for 18 years and taught for 15.