Geodesic Domes by Geodesics Unlimited

Geodesic Domes derive from one of the most basic forms of the universe, the sphere, which is why they attract us so!

Geodesic Domes are uniquely strong structures, again because they are spherical - a doubly curved surface, such as the sphere, is stronger than any other.

Geodesic Domes are especially efficient in the use of materials - a sphere encloses more volume with less surface area than any other three dimensional form.

Geodesic Domes require no internal supports, whatever their size!

It is the mission of Geodesics Unlimited to proliferate the use of Geodesic Domes over the earth, and beyond, wherever they provide the best and most attractive structural form for the intended purpose, and simply because thay are 21st Century objects of beauty.

Geodesics Unlimited has designed and built Geodesic Domes as tents, marquees, garden houses, cineramas, warehouses and lampshades. It plans
to build geodesic housing and offices, sports stadia, underwater villages, space-ships, and planetary settlements... First comes the dream....!

For all your Geodesic needs, Geodesics Unlimited can help, and if we cannot, we will direct you to someone who can!"